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Leandro Rojas

Every Child is a blessing

Leandro Rojas


I'm a BlessingL. Rojas
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"Sacred Purpose"

My Sacred PurposeL. Rojas
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"Every Child's a Blessing"

Sacred Teachings

"Medicine & Healing"

Medicine & HealingL. Rojas
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San Francisco to New York!


Words from a proud Mother

Words From Mom
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"Introduction of Self"

Parent Video 



"Although you are no longer with us, you taught me a valuable lesson. To always  think of others, to strive and push myself to achieve my goals and to never settle for less. You are loved by all and will always be in our hearts. If I ever doubt myself, I will look to you as my role model and will follow your footsteps and I  hope to be the great man that you were."

—  Leandro Rojas (speaking of his Papá Tonito)

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