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"My name is Jonelly Irma Hernandez. My first name comes from my grandfather. The purpose of me having this name is to have a JO name like the rest of my family and continue his legacy. My middle name, Irma, comes from my Aunt. My family is originally from Nicaragua but I'm a native to San Francisco. I’m someone who is here for a friend and you can count on me to be able to help. I’m an independent person..."

—  Jonelly Hernandez 

Our love for JONELLY

JONELLY our blessing

Blessing Jonelly's Mommy
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JONELLY & sacred purpose

Sacred PurposeTiffani
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"Feminism influences us to expand our minds in the process of ending sexist stereotypes and encourages everyone to be seen as equal and never less than others. The Tip Drill video is an example of how patriarchy has closed our minds. Each woman on the set seemed tricked into believing that being viewed a certain way can gain one advantages. The women allowed for men to tell them where to go and what to do with their bodies. The men entertained the idea; they played their part in patriarchy; they gained their power over the women’s bodies.bell hooks says,”Males as a group have and do benefit the most from patriarchy,from the assumption that they are superior to females and should rule over us... In return for all the goodies men recieve from patriarchy, they are required to dominate women, exploit and oppress us, using all violence if they must keep patriarchy intact.”


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